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Round Platter

By Milasoo

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Rest of Europe: €20,00

Black - White - Gold
Blue - White - Gold

You can use platters to enrich your evening with friends by serving tasty snacks in the form of a cheese and silced meats board. They are also perfect for serving breakfast, taking it with you for a picnic or give it to someone close to you in the form of a unique gift.

It will also work as a decoration or a support for your favorite candles or incense sticks. Enjoy it!

This is a handmade product. Not all pieces will be exactly like shown in the picture(s). Small variations in color patterns or textures may occur.

Product Details:

Colour: Black/white/gold or Blue/white/gold

Material: Wood and Resin

Weight: 0.5kg

Product Origin: Poland


Height: 3cm

Width: 35cm

Depth: 35cm

The Designer: Milasoo

One day, I realized that life is about something much greater than satisfying your own material needs. It's being an inspiration for another human being and connection.  Not all of us have faith in us enough to believe words and things which are not visible yet. Therefore, I decided that...

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