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By Bisarro Ceramics

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Black pottery cannister with portuguese cork lid. Inspired by the lids used on wine

Our pieces are carefully developed and produced with strong inspiration in traditional methods. Each piece is the fruit of the affection and love of several people who, with their own hands, knowledge and hard work try to offer the best possible final product. This complex process of manufacture implies that each piece is formally and aesthetically unique, which confers soul and personality to the object, something that we do not find in an industrial manufacture.

Due to these specificities, our parts have a longer production time, since it is dependent on natural elements such as meteorology, which means a slightly longer delivery process. Something, which by itself, gives the product a singular and exclusive character.

Delivery Time: This product is made to order. It will be ready to ship 3 weeks after your purchase.

This is a handmade product. Not all pieces will be exactly like shown in the pictures. Small variations in color patterns or textures may occur.

Product Details:

Colour: Black

Material: Clay

Weight: 600gr

Product Origin: Portugal


Height: 11cm

Width: 10cm

Depth: 10cm

The Designer: Bisarro Ceramics

Bisarro emerged as a socio-cultural project, strongly linked to the artisanal and creative roots, at a time when the ancestral arts are increasingly valued. This project has its genesis in black pottery, valuing this art and the people who practice it. The black pottery is a secular art passed between...

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